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Signature Treatments

Let go of all the strain with a Ryko Massage.

Zen-Body, Aroma Mind

Uniting Eastern and Western traditions, this is an aromatherapy oil-based massage that works on both relieving tired and sore muscles as well as removing blocked energy from the energy lines of the body. Choose your oil from one of our specially crafted Japanese essential oil blends. Pressure can be varied as per preference. You will emerge feeling lighter, refreshed and ready for action.

60 min - ¥13,500 / 90 min - ¥19,000 / 120 min - ¥25,500

Four-Handed Symphony

Two therapists work together to provide the ultimate in relaxation. For some of the session the therapists work together in rhythmic synchronicity, but there are also times when they utilise asymmetrical movements; the balance between these two modes puts the body and mind into a state of trance-like oblivion. (available till 28th October, 2019)

60 min - ¥23,000 / 90 min - ¥32,000 / 120 min - ¥41,000

Ski Boot Relief

Targeting specifically the foot, ankles and calves, this treatment provides recovery from the typical issues facing those wearing ski boots all day.

30 min - ¥8,000 / 45 min - ¥9,000

Guided Warm-Up & Stretch

The best way to start your day on the slopes is with warm-up exercises to get you ready for a day of action. This session begins with a simple but powerful sequence of joint mobility exercises; this is followed by a stretching sequence that will help to prepare your body for exercise and prevent the chance of injury. This is a one-on-one session that takes place in the Gym. (available till 28th October, 2019)

45 min - ¥8,500

Therapist-Assisted Stretching

It is very important after exercise to stretch. This session, especially good after a day on the slopes, helps to get your body back in the flow through a selection of table-based assisted stretches addressing the whole body. Based on the Thai Massage tradition (but without the pressure-point work), this treatment could also be called “lazy person’s yoga”. You don’t have to do anything—just lay there and “be stretched”. (available till 28th October, 2019)

60 min - ¥11,000