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Body Care

Organic Green Tea Salt Therapy

The combination of Sodashi’s Organic Green Tea and Himalayan Salt offers a detoxifying body exfoliant that promotes healthy, smooth skin and eliminates toxins. The mineral-rich Himalayan Crystal Salts stimulate circulation while Green Tea provides a boost of antioxidants. As a finishing touch the application of a lime and lemongrass scented Sodashi moisturiser will leave your skin with a beautiful, healthy glow.

60 min - ¥15,500

Detoxification Therapy (Mud Wrap)

Beginning with a full-body skin-brushing to exfoliate the skin and prepare it, this treatment uses clay mud to draw toxins out of the body and at the same time promote well-being through mineral absorption. Procedures such as these have been used since antiquity by indigenous people worldwide as potent remedial techniques against a wide variety of concerns, including skin conditions, bacterial infections, heavy metal toxicity, bone and muscle damage, and internal organ toxicity. Leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and warm.

75 min - ¥19,000

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