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At Ryko Spa, we offer a wide range of services to restore and refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Our Philosophy

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Spas are antidotes for the modern world's tendency towards striving.

These are places where we give ourselves the permission to slow down, to stop.

All our lives we run, run, run. It’s not healthy. The body likes to run but it needs rest to repair itself. The repair occurs within the rest. So, rest is medicine.

Do we rest well? Do we rest well enough when we settle down to rest?

For many the answer is no. Many have forgotten how to rest. So, this has to be taught.

Spas are places where this learning takes place. A drug store with no drugs. Just a place to meet yourself. You give yourself an opportunity to rest, to rest more deeply, so that your deep medicine can rise up and do for you the healing that you need.

Therapists coax you into this depth through their wiles. The spa treatments are the distractions for your busy-ness. They coax you to settle down so that the obstructions you place in front of your inner medicine are softened, released, surrendered. So, your medicine can flow.

Relaxation is the key to health. All that you need to be healthy and well is inside you. But we obstruct that inner medicine with our constant striving

In relaxation we let go of those obstructions so that our inner medicine can flow.

- by Ryko Spa Menu Creator and Master Therapist, Ryko Kalinko

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