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Terms & Conditions

Body Treatment

* In-room surcharge for treatments at an extra cost ¥5,000 per treatment only for the Skye guests. These treatments are via request only and subject to availability.

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Oriental Healing Treatment

Working through clothing and without oil, this treatment involves the application of pressure to specific areas of the body’s surface, achieving a reduction of muscular aches and pains as well as a restoration of the nervous, lymphatic, hormonal and circulatory systems, resulting in overall health improvement.

60 min - ¥17,000 / 90 min - ¥23,000

Relaxing Oil Treatment

This treatment is based on the Swedish Massage tradition with the purpose of relaxing the entire body. Pressure can be light or deep according to preference.

60 min - ¥17,000 / 90 min - ¥23,000

Deep Tissue Treatment

This is a more intense form of oil-based massage characterised by firm pressure and slow strokes to reach the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The treatment is used to address and relieve tight and contracted muscles.

60 min - ¥18,000 / 90 min - ¥24,000

Aroma Journey Treatment select from Sodashi Aroma Oils

We offer you the choice of Sodashi Massage Oils. The synergy of Sodashi’s natural plant essential oils will nourish your skin and help relieve emotional and physical tension.

60 min - ¥22,000 / 90 min - ¥28,000

Hot Stone Therapy

Perfectly heated volcanic rocks are smoothed over the skin creating a pleasurable warmth throughout the body and encouraging a deep release of tired and sore muscles.

60 min - ¥22,000 / 90 min - ¥28,000

Warm Herbal Poultice Treatment

This treatment involves the combination of oil massage with the application of a warm compress containing a specialised formulation of herbs that go much further in helping to ease muscular and joint discomfort.

60 min - ¥20,000 / 90 min - ¥26,000


A specialised form of massage of the feet or hands (or both), this ancient healing art induces a deep state of relaxation and has been scientifically proven to increase circulation throughout the whole body.

60 min - ¥17,000 / 90 min - ¥23,000

Pregnancy Treatment with Sodashi Vitamin Rich Oil

For women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, this treatment will help to relieve muscle aches and joint pains, improve circulation, reduce stress and anxiety and contribute to an overall improvement in bodily comfort.

60 min - ¥22,000 / 90 min - ¥28,000

Remedial Treatment

This treatment is to address specific aches and pains. Even a single session can result in a significant reduction of discomfort and a restoration to better functioning. Our team includes local and internationally trained and qualified remedial therapists.

60 min - ¥18,000 / 90 min - ¥24,000

Zen-Body, Aroma Mind

Uniting Eastern and Western traditions, this is an aromatherapy oil-based massage that works on both relieving tired and sore muscles as well as removing blocked energy from the energy lines of the body. Choose your oil from one of our specially crafted Japanese essential oil blends. Pressure can be varied as per preference. You will emerge feeling lighter, refreshed and ready for action.

60 min - ¥21,000 / 90 min - ¥27,000

Ski Boot Relief

Targeting specifically the foot, ankles and calves, this treatment provides recovery from the typical issues facing those wearing ski boots all day.

60 min - ¥17,000 / 90 min - ¥23,000